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Blue Monster Rainbow Survival:GameApp Walkthrough&Tips

Blue Monster Rainbow Survival:Walkthrough.

◎Blue Monster Rainbow Survival Walkthrough
・Price ・free
・category ・casual game/actiona/adventure
・release date ・2022
・Compatible models ・iPhone/Android
・In-App Purchases ・none
・Developer ・XGame Global
Hold and drag to move in horror escape game.

Get coins and items to buy power in scary time playground.

Take turns and over unlimited rainbow challenges. Try to find grabpack tool hands and push them far from you

Run, Jump, Escape this Scary playtime, Survival master, Blue challenge

Don’t let these monsters in Rainbow game, Horror playtime, Blue Monster game catch you

Blue Monster Rainbow Survival:How to play

Download app in store.

GooglePlay-Blue Monster
Appstore-Blue Monster

①you can play the unlocked game.
Blue Monster Rainbow Survival,waikthrogh,Tips
Blue Monster Rainbow Survival,waikthrogh,Tips,unlockedgame
Some games are locked,and you can be unlocked by collecting rewards.

③you can play different kinds of games.
Blue Monster,gameapp,Rainbow Survival,action,tips
picture matching.
Blue Monster,gameapp,Rainbow Survival,action,tips

Also you can unlock content by watching video ads

Blue Monster,gameapp,Rainbow Survival,action,tips
You can also earn rewards by watching video ads,And you can unlock New games.

Rainbow Friends, Rope Game:How to play&Walkthrough,Tips.

Rainbow Friends, Rope Game,Tips,How to play,walkthrough,PC,iPhone,Android
Defeat enemies and collect money and recovery items!You can also take cars and motorcycles and ride them.Explore the dangerous city to survive!

Rainbow Friends, Rope Game:How to play&Walkthrough,Tips.

Pixel Demolish:How to play&Walkthrough.

Pixel Demolish,How to play,Walkthrough,Tips
How to play Pixel Demolish.And Tips about the game. Pixel Demolish:How to play&Walkthrough iPhone&Android GameApp

Lifting Hero:How to play&Walkthrough.

Lifting Hero,Howtoplay,Tips
Lifting Hero:How to play&Tips.The more you liftup heavy things, the more your character grows!

Lifting Hero:How to play&Walkthrough iPhone&Android GameApp

Stick War: Hero Tower Defense:GameApp Walkthrough

Stick War Hero Tower Defense,gameapp,iPhone,Android,Walkthrough
Stick War: How to playHero Tower Defense.No ads setteing.In-App Purchases.

Stick War: Hero Tower Defense:GameApp Walkthrough

Marble ASMR:GameApp Walkthrough&Tips.

Marble ASMR,gameapp,Removeads,iPhone,Android,Tips
Marble ASMR Tips:You can get money by rolling the marbles and making them reach checkpoints.Tap the screen to roll the marble faster.In-App Purchases:Remove ads

Marble ASMR:GameApp Walkthrough&Tips