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Five strategies&Tips for Merge Mansion, including basic play instructions.

The strategy is to merge only what you need

Merge Mansion,Merge Mansion strategyapp
In this article, we will explain five strategies for those who have found Merge Mansion difficult and have become frustrated.

In fact, there are probably many people who play the game without thinking, are unable to produce materials, and are waiting for energy to recover.

This game requires a bit of calm play, as just merging without thinking will not let you proceed as desired. On the other hand, by moving strategically, the game will then go comparatively much smoother.

Let’s try to advance efficiently by referring to this article.

App Overview

App NameMerge Mansion
Release dateSeptember 16, 2020
Operated byMetacore Games Oy
recommended system requirementsAndroid 6.0 or higher / iOS 13.0 or higher
◎Recommendations for this application
・You can lose track of time and get hooked.
・A story with mystery elements that makes you curious about the rest of the story.
・You can enjoy how things change after the renovation of the mansion.
Download app in store.

GooglePlay-Merge Mansion
Appstore-Merge Mansion

What kind of game is it?

Merge Mansion,Merge Mansion strategyapp
Merge Mansion is a game in which players merge identical items to create new items to clean and renovate a mansion.

For example, you can merge a broom to clean up dead leaves, or merge a shovel to clean up a mound of sand. The story, as mentioned in the advertisement, progresses as you clean the mansion.

Merging will also not go smoothly unless only the required items are created, so playing randomly might not work out well.

However, there is no time limit, and the game content and BGM have a calm atmosphere, giving you the impression you can play while relaxing and thinking.

Basic play and notes

Below is a basic guide on how to play Merge Mansion. There will also be a short tutorial during the game to help you get started.

Cleaning and renovation the mansion

Merge Mansion,Merge Mansion strategyapp
To clean or renovate the mansion, tap the star symbol as shown in the image to see the tools you need.
Tap “Play” to start merging.

About Merging

Merge Mansion,Merge Mansion strategyapp
Here’s how merging works, items are laid out on the board, and new items are created by long pressing and stacking the same item.

Items that are not colored cannot be moved. You can merge items if they are the same, but you cannot move them.

Some items generate extra items for merging them, which helps the game progress, but be careful not to overdo it, as energy is depleted with each tap.

Notes on merging

We want to avoid merging at random.

The items that can be placed on the board are limited, and if you fill the board with items that are not necessary for cleaning and remodeling, you will not be able to proceed smoothly with the game. This is especially true in the early stages of the game, so proceed with caution.


Here are five strategies for Merge Mansion.

It can be difficult to play without thinking, but there are some features that might help you unexpectedly, so let’s check them out.

Merge only items related to the task

If you merge only the items that are necessary for cleaning and remodeling the mansion, you should be able to advance through the game smoothly.

Avoid merging unrelated items as it may fill up the board or take up time generating items.

Keep merged items in your toolbox

Merge Mansion,Merge Mansion strategyapp
After progressing through the game a little, merged items can be stored. Although the number of items is limited, it’s most convenient to store items that have been merged to their max.

Use daily sales at the store

Merge Mansion,Merge Mansion strategyapp
After advancing the game to some extent, a cart symbol will appear in the lower right corner of the screen for merging.

In this store, items for merging can be purchased with diamonds or coins, so it is good for efficient strategy to obtain them as needed.

Check the picture book if you are not sure about merging

Merged items are displayed in the history of the Pictorial Book.

You can see it by tapping the blue part of the item icon. You can check what items you want to merge, so if you are not sure, it is a good idea to check it.

Use diamonds to shorten time and unlock things

There are items that can generate materials to merge with, but it takes time to generate them.

Using diamonds, a chargeable item, can shorten the time, so it is a good idea to use them if you want to proceed quickly. Also, diamonds can be used to move items on the board that cannot normally be moved, so if you use them well, you can advance smoothly.

For the most part, diamonds are obtained with real money, but sometimes you can get them during the game.


In this article, we explained the strategy and how to play Merge Mansion.

The strategy is summarized as follows
  • Merge only items related to your goal
  • Keep merged items in your toolbox
  • Use the daily sales at the store
  • Check the picture book if you are not sure about merging
  • Use diamonds to shorten time and unlock
By doing these things, at the very least you will not get stuck in a situation where the board is full.

Since there is no time limit and the game can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace, we encourage you to be aware of this and do your best in cleaning and renovating your mansion.

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