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How to Play Survivor.io & Strategies For Beginners | Walkthrough&Tips

Fight and win! Survivor.ioWalkthrough&Tips

Become a warrior and slay hordes of monsters! Action RPG, Survivor.io.

Defeat enemies coming at you from all directions, level up, and try to defeat the final boss!
Survivor.io is a super fun and addictive RPG game.

・The player controls the warrior in the center of the screen!
・Attack enemies coming from all directions! It’s an auto-・battler, so you don’t have to do anything!
・Survive the 15-minute time limit and defeat the last boss to clear the stage!

As you can see, the basic rules are very simple!
The images are simple and refreshing! The innovative stages will stimulate your brain! Once you start playing, you’ll be hooked!

Defeat as many enemies as possible, level fast and defeat the bosses efficiently!
Pick up items like gems to gain experience!
Level up and learn skills to increase your power!

The great thing about this game is that it’s smooth! That’s because of the simple design and gameplay. It’s not flashy 3D, so it runs fast!

When you defeat an enemy, you get experience gems. Pick up a certain number of gems and your character will level up!

When you level up, you get three skills to choose from, so pick one and enhance it!

Survivor.io is a very casual and fun way to pass the time, but it’s a seriously addictive wonder! Play it and you’ll enjoy!

◎Recommendations for Survivor.io
・RPG action game with easy-to-use auto-battle controls!
・The rules are simple! An exhilarating and simple game where you beat up enemies coming at you from all sides!
・A simple system where you can improve your experience and skills by getting items!
・The ultimate objective is to defeat the boss! It’s a simple but very challenging game with lots of elements to get you hooked!
◎Survivor.io Walkthrough
・Price ・free
・category ・casual game/action
・release date ・2022/8/9
・Compatible models ・iPhone/Android
・In-App Purchases ・Included
・Developer ・HABBY

How to play Survivor.io & Review

Download on store.

On PC(LDPlayer emulator)

The player controls the warrior in the center of the screen and fights enemies that come in from all around.
The virtual stick on the side of the screen is used for movement.

The auto-battle system, in which attacks are carried out automatically, allows you to enjoy exhilarating and easy battles!

The number of enemies attacking you on stage is extraordinary!
It is as if you are facing a million enemies, and your senses will be shaken by the sensation!

Use your special skills to blow away your enemies!
Smash the enemies that come out like hordes of ants!

You’ll get drops as you take down the enemies that keep popping up!

Pick them up to gain experience, skills, and power up your warrior to defeat your enemies!

Dodge the enemies and their attacks, and make sure your attacks hit the enemies so they get defeated!

A boss battle awaits you at the end. Defeat the boss and you will have cleared the stage!
Don’t let up on your attack, dreaming of the day you defeat the last boss!

Survivor.io Strategy and Tips

1.Battles are auto-battle systems, however…

Survivor.io has an auto-battle system, but you still have to dodge enemy attacks yourself! This is the absolute strategy!

Also, basic but obvious: Powering up.

2.Power up with dropped items!

Power up with dropped items!

Some item drops can boost your experience while some power up your skills!

After leveling up with experience, power up your skills! Skills can get more powerful by collecting the same skills!

That means more attack power, so make sure you collect them, power up your favorite type of skills and find your favorite attack patterns!

The stronger you get, the easier it will be to clear the game! It’s a simple but surefire strategy!

Survivor.io’s real money

Survivor.io’s chargeable element is getting items through loot boxes!
There are no ads, so it’s easy to play without paying, but having stronger items is advantageous!

There’s little need to have to turn to loot boxes, so the game can be played almost entirely without paying!

You can fight without paying, but you can also pay to try to get stronger weapons.

Survivor.io Reviews and Ratings

Survivor.io has an App Store rating of 4.6 Stars with 1,287 reviews as of August 2022.
The Google Play Store has a rating of 4.5 with 3.78 million reviews as of August 2022.

Check out the reviews of people who have actually used the app.
・The zombies are adorable. ♡
・Funny but difficult! And a challenging shooter!
・It doesn’t stop at just killing time! Very comical and fun!

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